Name A Star and keep the light alive!

Name A Star and keep the light alive

Buying a Star from Buy A Shining Star is proud to offer Buy a Star gift packages. What a unique, thoughtful and everlasting gift! Name a Star for your loved one, for a friend or family member, for a pet or for yourself. It’s a gift that is ideal for all occasions and holds a certain sense of sentiment. Purchasing a star and lighting up the sky with someone special’s name is just an extraordinary idea. Join our extensive list of customers who have purchased stars from us and light up that sparkling sky with love. It’s a gift that never expires, is always current and will always be cherished. Our star packages have been purchased by celebrities, NASA representatives, members of royalty, and most importantly, people just like you! Stop the search for that “perfect gift” because you’ve found it. You become the real star when you give your personalized star as a gift!

Purchase a Name A Star gift package and join the a great many fulfilled individuals around the globe! Our clients who have bought a star, are not simply famous people, representatives of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), Kings and Queens but people just like you! While numerous individuals search for an uncommon and extraordinary gifts this is best personalized gift! When purchasing a star and naming that star, you presently become the Star! This one of a kind present for any event, will rule the discussion around the table for years to come.


Name A Star Gifts

Name a star gift packages consist of a Star Certificate that is personalized with the name of your choice as well as the coordinates of your star. The certificate is printed on high quality parchment paper and is presented in a gold foil embossed gift folder. You may upgrade and select your certificate to be placed in a custom floating frame. We also have astronomy downloadable software available which provides astrological information as well as how to enter you star into the Name a Star Registry.

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Incorporated into our Star gifts:

All your amazing Buy a Star Gift Packages, will incorporate a printed Star Certificate done on top notch parchment paper, each named star will show Star Coordinates demonstrating area of your Star, at that point being set in a embossed gold foil decorated presentation folder. All our Name A Star gift packages, that can be custom framed in a beautiful floating frame, also available is astronomy downloadable software to educate people about the stars and entry into the Name a Star Registry.

A few of the Celebrities that have joined the Name A Star Registry

John Travolta purchased Name A Star gift
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Over 250 Celebrities and over 5 million people just like you have named a star gift package!


Emailed PDF Download Name A Star Package:

NEED A GIFT IN A HURRY? Last minute gift shopping is made easy with our DIGITAL PDF DOWNLOAD name a star package. When you purchase the PDF package, your documents are emailed to you to print at home within minutes!

The PDF Name a Star package comes with a Star Certificate which has your personalized name and your star’s coordinates. Also included in your package is “Be a Stargazer”- a Guide to Astronomy Stellarium Star Software (win/mac), Educational Activities & Star Guides, Star Charts & Celestial Maps, Cool Facts About Stars, and a Star Photo Book. All items in the package can be seen in the image above!

*With the PDF there are NO SHIPPING CHARGES as you will receive an EMAIL with all documents to be PRINTED AT HOME!



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