Star Registry

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Star Registry

Name A Star stores the owners name in our star registry

Star Registry

Name A Star is an affordable price is a “Win Win” for both the giver and receiver! The giver of this very unique Name A Star gift package will become a shining star this Holiday Season and the receiver will be delighted with joy. When you Name A Star Cheap it will become the gift all will remember and talk about for life. That unique named star will surround us forever always enchanting the beholder!By a star and personalize it, for the one you love. The greatest thing ever is showing the one you love, that you have named a star and personalized it just for that one and only someone. Join our Name A Star registry gift for Valentine’s Day, Name A Star registry gift for Birthdays, Name A Star registry gift for Anniversaries, Name A Star registry gift for Mothers Day or even Name A Star registry gift for Fathers Day is the most loving thing anyone can do

Star Registry Packages Include:

Star Registry Star Registry Recipient’s Name on Star Certificates

Star Registry The Star Registry NASA eBook: Be A Star Gazer

Star Registry Star Registry Charts and fun Astronomy activities

Star Registry Constellation with your named Star

Star Registry Star Registry certificates come in beautiful embossed presentation folders

Star Registry Framed Star Registry Certificates with the owner’s name printed on the star certificate


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A few of the Celebrities that have joined the Star Registry Registry

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Star Registry Gift Packages:

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