Frequently Asked Questions

Currently we are only accepting orders via the web. If for some reason you cannot place an order via our web site, please send us an email and we will do our best to schedule a time to take your order over the phone.

Yes, we accept orders worldwide and only ship with the USPS. Also when purchased outside the USA, please be aware that all prices shown on this website are in US currency.

You will receive your order in courtesy of US Postal Service. Most orders are processed the same day depending on the time of day it was purchased; however please allow 24-72 hours as we are closed Saturday & Sunday.If your package has been attempted for delivery but unsuccessful, a notice will be left by the US Postal Service for you to reschedule shipment or to pick up your item from your local Postal facility where it is being held. If you have failed to claim your package and it is returned to us, we will not take any actions until further notice from you. Once we receive your notice, we will immediately reship your item using the same shipping services initially requested. Your credit card will be billed the appropriate amount and you will receive another tracking email that will notify you the product is again on route.

All items must be returned in NEW condition and in the original packaging, including all documents and picture frames. All items must be returned within 30 days of purchase and only RESTOCKING FEES will apply. We are not obligated to honor and refund your return if you cannot prove it was returned or if the package is damaged upon return and you did not purchase insurance for the return delivery. Included with your return must be the original invoice/receipt, or copy of the invoice/receipt, from or the original invoice/ receipt of purchase from one of our affiliates. Without proof of purchase, we cannot be certain that the Buy A Shining Star was sold to you by us or one of our affiliates and we will not be able to honor your return.If the product (frame) arrives to you damaged from shipping, ship ONLY the damaged item back to us carefully packed, preferably in the original carton, and send it prepaid with Signature Confirmation to the address below.

Include a letter detailing the complaint along with a copy of your original invoice, daytime telephone number and all relevant contact information placed inside the shipping carton.

Send returns and damaged items with order invoice/receipt to:
Attn: Returns
9770 S. Military Trail
Suite B-4 #357
Boynton Beach, Florida 33436

We reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of $24.99 per item and additional fees may apply.

All Packages are shipped and can be tracked with Delivery Confirmation. Your tracking number will be supplied automatically in your shipping confirmation email.

At the present time we are solely a web based business and only accept credit cards.

This is the wrong website to redeem your voucher, please follow the specific URL that was received from the Daily Deal company after your purchase.

General FAQ

We use this statement in two contexts: The first as defined in the American Heritage Dictionary. The quality of being novel: 1) something new and unusual and 2) a small mass-produced article. Well, dedicating a Star definitely falls into these categories.The second context is on the recommendation from our legal team from when this all began. Classifying the naming/dedicating Star as a novelty gift helps to avoid any frivolous lawsuits. You should know that this does not diminish the value of naming a Star that you purchase in any way. Every Star is recorded and registered in the Buy A Shining Star registration database and every owner’s information is listed with that registration.

If it’s expensive, not everyone will be able to dedicate a star, which would take all the fun and romance out of it. After all, this is an exciting adventure and we wish to share this with as many people who would like to share it with us.

The Star gift packages come with the name printed on the Star Certificate. The name you specify in the checkout process will be imprinted on the Star Certificate. Each Star Certificate is unique and no Star with the same coordinates will be sold twice. Providing the necessary information insures that the Star holder is listed on file in the Buy A Shining Star database.

No Star is sold twice. The Stars have been carefully mapped out and a database is held of all Star registrations.

No. Buy A Shining Star does not own the star, so we cannot sell it to you. It is something you can point at to know that there is something special out there for you.

No. Buy A Shining Star is a private company that provides Star Gift Packages. Astronomers will not recognize your name because your name is published only in our Star catalog.

You’ll need to use your Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (DEC) values from your Star Certificate received. Visit or download the Planetarium Software that came in digital format via email during your purchase. The Planetarium Software is not included with the purchase of the Standard Star Gift Package.

No, you can’t pick a particular star or specify that your star meet some special astronomical requirement at this time. This is an automatic process directly from the official Buy A Shining Star Database.

Yes, since this is an automatic process from the official Buy A Shining Star Database, this can only happen if the Stars are purchased on the same order at the same time. Any number of Stars can be purchased at the same time that will be located next to one another.

There are a number of benefits to buying and naming a star as a gift for someone. Some of these include: This is a really unique and unusual gift for someone special, Naming a star is the perfect solution for someone struggling to think of a special gift for a loved one, This is a gift that will the recipient can treasure for the rest of their lives, You will not have to worry about this gift being stolen or damaged as you would with things like jewelry and this gift is perfect for any occasion from birthdays and anniversaries to Christmas and Valentine’s.

A Star is a ball of hydrogen and helium with enough mass that it can sustain nuclear fusion at its core. Our Sun is a Star, of course, but they can come in different sizes and colors.